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Elements and Principles

Elements and Principles - The Visual Elements A Line = path...

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The Visual Elements A. Line = path of moving dot 1. Actual Line (creates Contour/Outline Direction & Movement) 2. Implied Line (also creates Contour/Outline Direction & Movement) 3. Lines have different expressive qualities B. Form/Mass: A three-dimensional area with identifiable boundaries that has mass or volume (depth, height & width) 1. Actual Form /Mass is 3-Dimensional 2. Implied Form/Mass is 2-Dimensional Implied Form can be created through line, shading, modeling, perspective C. Shape: The area enclosed by an outline; the flat area created by lines, colors, and tones. Types of shapes: Geometric(circles, squares, triangles, ect.)&Amorphic (organic quality) D. Space: Actual ( open air around sculpture or architecture) Implied ( shown by size, color, and overlapping) E. Value: The gradual change of lightness or darkness, white to black, used to suggest roundness or depth and creates contrast of color. F. Color: What the eye sees when light is reflected from it. Study of color wheel G. Texture: surface quality ranging from very smooth to quite rough. (Actual or implied)
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