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Looking and Talking Art by Feldman

Looking and Talking Art by Feldman - 4 what shapes are...

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1107 Feldman Method How to Analyze and Interpreting Art 1) Description Do not make or state any judgements at this stage. Do not form or state any opinions at this time. 1 What is the Artist's name? 2 Title of the work? 3 Date of the work? 4 Medium or materials used? 5 What do you see in the picture? (only describe what you see, i.e. trees, sky, animals, etc. Do not interpret anything) 6 What kind of subject matter is in the picture? (i.e. rural farm scene, landscape, industrial imagery. Again do not interpret or judge anything in this stage. 7 Is the picture a landscape, a portrait, a still life, or are you aware of lines, shapes, color or design? 2) Analysis Write about the elements and principles of design and the relationships between the subjects that you mentioned in the description. 1 What is in the forground, middleground, background? 2 How has the picture been arranged? 3 What colors are used and how have they been arranged?
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Unformatted text preview: 4 what shapes are there and how have they been arranged? 5 Are there any leading lines and if so, where is your eye lead? 6 Is there any use of contrast? If so where? 7 Is there any use of pattern? If so where? 8 Is there a sense of space or perspective? 9 Are there any special techniques employed by the artist? 3) Interpretation Interpretation attempts to get at the meaning of the artwork. 1 What do you think is the relationship of the title to the picture or meaning? 2 What areas do you notice first? Do you think there is a relationship between what you notice first and what you notice later? If so, what is that relationship? 3 What story do you think is being told? 4 How does it make you feel when you look at this picture? 4) Judgement This is time for your opinions to shine through. 1 What did you like or dislike about this artwork? 2 How successful do you think the artist was?...
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