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Review Sheet for Physics 141 Exam #2 Chapter 6: Projectile motion Figure out what the acceleration is in the x and y directions. You may need a free-body diagram to figure this out. F netx = ma x = Σ f xi and F nety = ma y = Σ f yi . Use kinematics in both the x and y directions. Generally one direction will help you solve for something that you need in the other direction. (problems 5,11,28,35,40) Chapter 7: Rotations θ (rad), ω (rad/s), α (rad/s 2 ) are the rotational variables. In chapter 6, α is always zero! (4,8,12) Revolutions per minute (rpm) need to be converted to rad/s = (rev/min)*(2 π /rev)*(60s/min). Position around the circumference (s= θ r in meters), tangential velocity (v t = ω r in m/s), and radial acceleration, (a r = ω 2 r = v t 2 /r in m/s 2 ). (17,20,28) Be able to use a r in F net =ma r = Σ f ri situations. (36,50,51, Quiz#4) The rotational kinematic equations help you move around the circle. Again, in chapter 6,
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