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appril 21 - children was False 4 Stepfamily relationships...

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READING FOR WED. APR. 21, 2010 Rd. 18– The Modern American Stepfamily:  Problems and Possibilities by Mary  Ann Mason For this assignment, I want you to compose five multiple choice questions and five true- false questions from this reading. Consider all the information presented here and  review your questions to see if you would consider them a fair test question on your final  exam. T/F 1. The group that acknowledges both the complexity of distant nature of stepparent relationships and largely believes that law policy should leave stepfamilies alone is called voluntarist True 2. The rights and obligations of stepparents have been greatly strengthed in recent times False 3. If marriage terminates through divorcee or death the stepparent has rights to custody or visitation however long standing the relationship with the
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Unformatted text preview: children was False 4. Stepfamily relationships are important in lifting single-family homes out of poverty. True 5. The de facto model is based on blood False Multiple choice 1. What it the average number of children per modern residential stepfamily a. 3 b. 2 c. 1 d. 4 2. What percentage of mothers are remarried in 6 years a. 25% b. 50% c. 65% d. 70% 3. What serves as the background event for the formation of a stepfamily a. Death b. Job loss c. Divorce d. None of the above 4. what does the author call people who believes the law should take the lead in providing more rights or obligations to the step parent a. reformists b. voluntarits c. hypocrits d. negativists 5. what percentage of children are born to unwed mothers a. 17% b. 28% c. 37% d. 42%...
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appril 21 - children was False 4 Stepfamily relationships...

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