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april 9 - violent resistance 3 What is the gender character...

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READINGS FOR FRI. APR. 9, 2010 Rd. 38 – Domestic Violence:  The Intersection of Gender and Control by Michael  P. Johnson 1. What are the tree major types of intimate violence that the author distinguishes in  this article? Intimate terrorism: is an attempt to take general control over one’s partner Violent resistance: is the use of violence in response to such an attempt Situational couple violence: does not involve an attempt to take general  control on the part of either partner. 2. What two types of data collection regarding violence is discussed here?  What  are the shortcomings of each? Intimate partner violence in general surveys is heavily biased in favor of  situational couple violence, while the intimate partner violence in agent  samples is biased in favor of the male intimate terrorism and female 
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Unformatted text preview: violent resistance. 3. What is the gender character of these different types of violence? • 4. What are the traits of intimate terrorism? • 5. What are some of the factors associated with violent resistance? 6. What is the strongest correlate of type of intimate partner violence and what does that suggest to a sociologist? What version of gender theory does Johnson prefer? 7. Based on Johnson’s gender theory of violence, why is intimate terrorism and violent resistance to it so clearly a matter of men abusing women in heterosexual relationships? 8. What is the difference about situational couple violence? What is the myth of situational violence? 9. What suggestions does the author make for policy and intervention?...
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