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READING FOR MON. APR. 19, 2010 Rd. 17 – Children’s Adjustment Following Divorce:  Risk and Resilience  Perspectives by Joan Kelly and Robert Emery 1. What are the stressors of the divorce process according to Kelly and  Emery? Give full answers.  Stress of initial separation: Parental conflict Diminished parenting after divorce Loss of important relationships Economic opportunities Remarriage and repartnering   2. What are the increased risks for adjustment problems that divorce presents for  children and adolescents?  Children of divorce weremore likely to habe behavorial,internalizing,social  and academic problems. 3. What are the protective factors that reduce these risks for children of divorce?  Aspects of the psychological adjustment and parenting of custodial  parents, the type of relationships that children have with their nonresident  parents and the extent and type of conflict between parents
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Why do these authors speak of the resilience of children of divorce? • Because they are not distinguishable from their peers whose parents remained married in the longer term 5. What are the contradictory findings on adult children that these authors refer to? Name the authors of the conflicting studies? 6. What are some of the painful memories that children of divorce refer to? • Worrying about their parents attending major events in their lifes, and feelings of loss 7.Which practices and interventions do these authors recommend to reduce the negative effects of divorce on children? • Divorce mediation, collaborative lawyering, judicial settlement conferences, parenting coordinator or arbitration programs and group therapy for parents and children...
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