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READINGS FOR FRI. APR. 23, 2010 Rd. 35 – Gay and Lesbian Families:  Queer Like Us by Judith Stacey,  1. What has changed since the 1960s and 70s in terms of the efforts of gays and  feminists regarding the family? it has occurred in the public eye 2. Where and when in Europe were the first legalized forms of gay unions? Denmark 1989 3. Who were the first to level a public challenge against the reigning cultural  presumption that the two terms, “gay” and “parent” are antithetical? Formerly married lesbian and gay parents who "came out" after marriage and secured at least shared custody of their children. 4. According to the author, what represents one of the only new, truly original and  decidedly controversial genres of family formation and structure to have emerged  in the West during many centuries? Fully intentional childbearing outside of heterosexual unions.
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april 23 - READINGSFORFRI.APR.23,2010 Rd.: 1 2

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