Adoption notes - available on the international horizon •...

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Adoption march 8 1944 40,000 adoptions/yr 1970 175,000 adoptions/yr Diminished since then 1990s 120,000 adoptions/yr Adoption occurs when children are born to women with unintended pregnancies Key factor o Better birth control o Abortion law The number of unintended pregnancies went down Changing cultural attitudes of the women keeping her baby and raising the baby alone Women can now finish school and keep the baby without having the social stigma that had been attached to it Social care benefits have allowed single parents to raise children on their own Lack of discussion of adoption as consideration of young women who has a child that she may be unable to care for herself Reduction in the number of available women in the country With that drop in numbers couples have gone to other countries to adopt children who are
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Unformatted text preview: available on the international horizon • 1997 13k • 2004 24,800 • Since 2005-2006 declined o Due to the changes of specific countries who are imposing to restrict availability of the children • China ,Russia, Guatemala, south korea, parts of the former soviet union, india, Vietnam, haiti most popular adoption sites • Types of adoption o Public adoption 15% o Private agency 37% o Kinship adoptions/ adopted by a relative or step parent 42% o Transracial adoptions 8% o International adoptions 15% o Est. 1 to 1.5 million children live with adoptive parents in the US 2% of all US children Between 2-4% of American families include an adoptive child...
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Adoption notes - available on the international horizon •...

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