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FAMILISTIC PACKAGE 1.20.10 - Skolnick& skolnick II 3 key...

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FAMILISTIC PACKAGE [reading 1] I. Advantages (1 of 5) 1. Division of labor in family to accomplish tasks 2. Enjoy economy of scale a. Ex: Buy in bulk for cheap 3. Families offer continuity a. Know what to expect in term of emotional support 4. Short line of communication a. No need for phone call, email 5. Tasks within the family a. Don’t need to be laundry expert b. Not required to be a specialist in all the things that family needs
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Unformatted text preview: Skolnick & skolnick II. 3 key revolutions 1. Post industrial revolution i. Shift from manufacturing economy to service economy 2. Life course revolution i. Increase life expectancy 3. Psychological revolution i. Society better educated ii. Includes changing role of women in this society...
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