HUNTER GATHERERS - Growth in wanting to achieve More focus...

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HUNTER GATHERERS/AGRICULTURE 1.27.2010 Men-went out hunting Women-stay at home to take care of children (cook, clean etc.) Role of religion allied with kinds of means of production Agriculture area o More people free to focus on things other than farming with the development of new technology o Less people were needed to do simple tasks. Which left free time for them to focus on other crafts Sympathy group o About the avg. # of people we can care about at 1 time As societies became more complex the development: o Religion o School o Doctor Shift from agricultural system to a highly specialized industrial economy and are now currently in a post industrial time Majority of the families in a community began to work in factories
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Unformatted text preview: Growth in wanting to achieve More focus on individual/ rational thought o Less focus on religious ideas Believe in freedom to choose partner for marriage o Married for love Religion as an institution o Who to marry o What marriage should look like o Conjugal love= love of God Cult of domesticity o Women= purity & virtue o Men= providing for well-being of family o Women take care of children & home INDUSTRIAL AGE 1. Increase women in labor force a. Children also 2. Influence in protestant ethic development of capitalism 3. Element of radical notions of democracy 4. Public education 5. Increase population 6. Urbanization 7. Increase longevity Urbanizing moving of farms. Less children because less people needed to do work on farm Child labor laws...
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HUNTER GATHERERS - Growth in wanting to achieve More focus...

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