what family does in soceity 1.13.10

what family does in soceity 1.13.10 - i Religion ii Role...

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Sociology of the family January 13 th 2010 I. Family is a symbol linked to ideology II. 2 types of definitions a. 1. Structural definition: family because the kind of people are in it b. 2. Functional definition: definging family based off what it does III. What is family for? a. 3. Emotional/ moral support b. c. 5. Economic support d. 6. Safety e. 7. Socialization of its member
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Unformatted text preview: i. Religion ii. Role model Functions of the family I. The institution that regulated the sexual activites of its members a. Gender roles b. Incest taboo c. Fidelity-monogmay What family does in society II. Places its family (members) of the social class lader a. Ex: born to middle class family middle class child born into social class ofparent b....
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