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young performers - that I liked was the one that was a...

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Adiyah Crute Beverly Trask December 6, 2009 Social Dance Young Performers When I attended the Young Performer’s show I was thoroughly entertained. The variety of performers and the dynamic variation of each act were extremely interesting and dynamic. The solo act of the ballerina was interesting. Her point performance captivated my attention. I could tell she had been dancing for year and had been doing point for a while because he point shoes looked worn out. There was also another ballerina that performed after the first one. Her solo was a little different because she used a fan as a prop. The following act I believe was a group of dancers who used a rope as a prop. Their type of dance seemed modern and contemporary. The costumes they had, which were different color bright shirts and black tights corresponded with the song. It looked like they took a lot to choreograph their performance. I was impressed by their use of the rope in their act. It was different and I had never seen it done before. Another act
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Unformatted text preview: that I liked was the one that was a group of three and use chairs as props. I liked their delayed timing to fall into synch with the same step that the previous member was doing. Also there was one act that was a little odd to me, I presume it was because I’m not used to that type of dance. I recall a girl in purple in a too-too. She was shaking down to the floor and would it looked as if she was having a seizure on the floor. I’m sure there was a deeper meaning to the dance I’m just not sure what it was. I also noticed that in that performance they would bang their hands on the ground to produce more sound. That aspect of their performance was different than the others that I had seen during the night. Overall the performance was great I was showed a variety of different dances and was very entertained by each one....
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young performers - that I liked was the one that was a...

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