day03_properties_2 - Fluid Mechanics 3502 Day 2(Fall 2008...

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9/9/2008 1 Fluid Mechanics 3502 Day 2 (Fall, 2008) Fluid Properties Part 2 y Solid-Liquid-Gas y Solid under shear vs Liquid under Shear y Specific Weight y Compressible vs. Non-Compressible y Viscosity y Newtonian vs. Non-Newtonian Fluids y Surface Tension y Vapor Pressure Surface tension advertisement y How does this insect stay on top of the water? Is it floating? Film from: Surface tension advertisement y Why doesn’t the liquid spread on the leaf? Image from Film from: What is surface tension? y When a small amount of fluid is released in a gas, it will form a stable drop y Why does this happen? y Molecules at the liquid surface have a much stronger attraction to each other than the Image from molecules within the liquid y This attraction creates a skin or membrane stretching over the liquid. y The skin forms surface tension σ – force per unit length (N/m) over the liquid to keep it together. Force due to Surface Tension y The value of the surface tension σ depends on the liquid and the other fluid (for 3502, a gas). (Tables A.4 and A.5.) y The direction of this force is always parallel to the surface of the liquid-gas interface.
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day03_properties_2 - Fluid Mechanics 3502 Day 2(Fall 2008...

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