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FINAL SCRIPT Hair care industry The hair care industry includes colour dyes, oils shampoos, conditioners Market Information The hair color market in India is worth 400 to450 crore and is growing at an increasing rate of about 24 to 25% yearly The annual production is estimated to be about 400 tones Market Share The approximate market share of the top players are as follows. Godrej is the market leader of the hair colour industry with approximately 45% (which consists of their hair dye, powdered colour and their hair colour Godrej Coloursoft) Loreal has a market share of 25% ( it does not compare with godrej as they want to increase their profit margins over the next few years) Revlon has a market share of about 12% Wella has 8% and others. .(maybeline, bigen, blackrse, schawoarzkop) Our Surevy We only surveyed people who coloured there hair. .Our sample size was 74 people The majority of people we interviewed are from the niche market Why did you colour your hair? We did a survey of only women. From the survey we conducted we found that all the younger women coloured their hair for fashion or change and most of the older women coloured their hair to cover their grey hair. Are you brand loyal? There is high brand loyalty in this industry. Are you willing to try a new product? The younger people are more willing to try new products while some of the older women are more hesitant but will still try a new product if they are confident it is of a better quality
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