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Executive summary India is a tropical country and has accorded a favorable reception to thirst quenchers such as fruit juices and aerated drinks. Ready to serve kiwi juice is a beverage prepared from clarified kiwi juice. When chilled the RTS beverage makes for a nutritious and refreshing drink. The nutritive value of real fruit beverages is far greater than that of synthetic products, which are being bottled and sold in large quantities throughout the country. If real fruit juices could be substituted for these synthetic preparations, it would be a boon to the consumer as well as the fruit grower. India is a market of diversity – diverse with regards to incomes, price points of products, culture and preferences and a marketer has to get use to these diverse characteristics of the market. Drinking juice is not a part of our culture. We drink water with our meals but in the West one starts the day with breakfast and a glass of juice. Juice is to a great extent considered as a luxury not a necessity in our society, surely but slowly things are changing mainly in the urban and semi urban areas, where the population is getting more and more health conscious and are realizing the important nutrient values of fruit and are making them a part of their daily diet. The companies in this Rs. 100 crore industry will have to organize various promotional activities from time to time mainly to increase sampling and to educate the consumers about packaged fruit juice that it is as pure and nutritious as fresh juice which is perceived as fresh as it is extracted in their presence i.e. actual or assumed. There are two main brands in this segment of non- carbonated drink markets; they are ‘Real’ from Dabur and ‘Tropicana’ from PepsiCo. These two players command around 80% market share in the organised sector. We can observe this industry growing and new players entering the market. In recent times we have seen the entries of some international brands, like Berri - 1 - 1
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[Australia], Ballantyne [Australia], and Tipco [Thailand], with the intention to strengthen their hold in India and to grow with the market. Company Shreeji Enterprises Pvt. Ltd will be entering the food processing industry with its first launch i.e. a Kiwi fruit juice. Three of the four investors have full operational responsibilities. SD and SY are the co-founders and have both entrepreneurial and industrial experience. PB brings operational management and financial skills to the operation. Shreeji Enterprises Pvt. Ltd has a Strategic Alliance with the New Zealand based company Zespri International Limited to supply the kiwi fruits to India. Pursuant to our company policy stating "Quality First, Credit Prominent", we process our KiwiJoos with strict production standard, quality control and sophisticated processing technology, we at all time provide our consumers the natural and healthy Kiwifruit juice. Our Start up costs, listed below, has been financed to date by the investment
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13-FRUIT+JUICE+PROJECT - E xecutive summary India is a...

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