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Unformatted text preview: Reference: Supervisor Reference Mr.Iftikhar Gourmet Joher town G I branch Gourmet Phone: 5304318 Who are we? “Gourmet Bakers and Sweets” is the largest food retail chain of Pakistan. It is based in Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan known for its is traditional foods and passion for eating. With our 2 processing units and 28 traditional sales outlets we outreach to a huge population for their food needs. The company has shown an explosive annual growth of more than 25 % in The its business since 1987, when Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Chatha started this Mr. unique business with only one sale outlet. With his commitment and unique strenuous effort to provide the consumers with best quality food products in strenuous a convenient and unmatched displaying manner, Gourmet has become a convenient success story of business growth in Pakistan. At moment we have more than success 1700 employees working in the organization. 1700 What we do? We produce and sell all kinds of breads, buns, rusks, cookies, biscuits, cakes, pastries, pizzas, patties, meat rolls, vegetable rolls, sandwiches, cakes, hotdogs, nimko and doughnuts etc. In sweets, (traditional milk based Indian hotdogs, sweet products) we deal in all sorts of traditional products like burfi, chum sweet chum, gulab jaman, rassgulla, patisa, jalebee, amrati, ladoo and rass malai chum, etc. We dedicate our shelves for retail of products like juices, soft drinks, etc. pickles, jams and jellies, dairy products, ice creams and desserts, baby pickles, formulas, canned vegetables and fruits, drinking water and cereal products formulas, from the world leading brands. from What we look forward to? In pursuit of our continuing efforts to provide our consumers with maximum range of quality products we are: range 1. Doing backward integration for the provision of best quality raw 1. materials for our products. In this regard setting up a self-milk materials collection system and a dairy plant for the production of raw cheese collection and khoya (the two main raw materials of all sweet products) is our and new move. new 2. Constructing a start-of-the-art bakery plant, where the facility and systems are being set up to meet all the requirements of food safety systems to system ‘HACCP”. system 3. Extending our retail outlets in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan to 3. outreach the awaiting consumers all over the country. outreach 4. Providing best services as third party retailer to sell innovative food 4. products to be sold out at our outlets. Bakers and sweets With a network of 2 Production Units & 28 With sales outlets we spread out our presence in sales every part of Lahore, the second largest city every of Pakistan. Consumer satisfaction in product of quality and service is the zeal of our business quality Restaurant chain Restaurant In continuance of our business tradition of providing quality foods and In unmatchable service for the health and happiness of whole family, Gourmet unmatchable has set up a family restaurant chain. has Gourmet Family Restaurant, right in the middle of the city is our first endeavor in this line. The ever-swarming situation around the clock is an endeavor indication of unwavering trust of consumers in Gourmet. indication Gourmet dairies Gourmet Gourmet Dairies is Gourmet another step forward another to provide its consumer with wholesome milk and milk to products. This is also a sort of backward integration for the products. provision of dairy raw materials for bakery and sweets products provision of Gourmet. A self milk-collection system that has started to provide fresh of and pure milk to Gourmet’s sweets processing unit is a unique example in and this reference. this Outlet’s network Outlet’s With a network of 25 sales outlets we spread out our presence in every part With of Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan. Consumer satisfaction in of product quality and service is the zeal of our business. Interview with Mr. Iftikhar (Supervisor of the Gourmet branch) Interview Place: gourmet bakers and sweets Joher town Lahore Joher Time: 12:30 p.m. Time: 1. In which department you operate? I am working in sales department of Gourmet Bakers and sweets am 2. What is your job description here? 2. I am working as a supervisor in the Gourmet bakers 3. How much time have you worked here? I have worked for about 3 years in this company have 4. Does the company give you family benefits? 4. No, we don’t get family benefits here. Its all about how much you work you are paid for that only but after working 5 years in the company they will give are us some discounts in some products. us 5. Would you refer your friend to work here? I m not taking any responsibility of how much satisfied I am he’ll be the same but yes, it’s a good experience to work here. same 6. Have you ever observed or experienced any discrimination at the workplace? workplace? No, there’s no discrimination on any basis in the workplace 7. How many supervisors work here? There are two supervisors in the morning and two in the evening 8. What is the timing of your work? 8. Its 10 hour job and I work here in the evening. 9. Are you satisfied with your job? Yes Alhumdulillah I am satisfied from my job. 10. What’s the relationship of your staff with the customers? We take care of our customers on every cost and our we keep trying fulfilling their needs on time ,giving them services on time and selling them fulfilling high quality products. high 11. How do you deal with the customers? We are very much trained about customer services and all the staff is responsible for not returning any of our customers dissatisfied. responsible 12. What do you do if a customer returns the good back? If there’s not any fault in the product then we don’t accept the returned good. good. 13. What if you are confronted with an aggressive customer? We have a complaint manager for this purpose and all the complaints are handled and processed by the complaint manager 14. What if any customers are touching your things that they shouldn’t 14. touch? touch? We ignore at the first attempt but we warn if the customer repeats the action and there’s a danger of breaking of goods. and 15. Do you give any post sales service to your customer? Yes if the good that the customer have bought is having any defect than we do consider it. do 16. Do you sell quality products? Yes we sell quality products and there’s no compromise in the quality of products we sell. The major emphasis of our company is to sell quality not products quantity. quantity. 17. What advertising plans have been adopted by the company? We have or own site www.gourmetbaker.com.pk for the advertisement of We www.gourmetbaker.com.pk for products and company, we have introduced our Gourmet restaurant by products giving pamphlets to the customers, we haven’t advertised our products on giving media, and our branches throughout Lahore is itself an advertisement of the media, company. company. 18. In which major cities you have branches? 18. We only operate in Lahore We Branch Branch Contact # +92 +92 Johar Town 40-B Johar Town Johar 40-B 5176914 5176914 +92 +92 12G Joher Town 12-G Johar Town 12G 12-G 5304318 5304318 +92 +92 Wapda Town 14 –F, PIA Society Near Wapda Town. Wapda 14 5181615 5181615 +92 +92 Faisal Town 11-D Faisal Town Faisal 11-D 5164574 5164574 Link Road +92 Link +92 89-K Link Road Model Town Model Town 5851812 Model 5851812 +92 +92 Model Town 51/52 A Model Town Model 51/52 5866073 5866073 448-A Ayubia Market New Muslim +92 448-A +92 Muslim Town Muslim Town 5866741 Town 5866741 +92 +92 Z-Block 310 Z LCCHS Defence Z-Block 5731250 5731250 +92 +92 H-Block 162 H, DHA H-Block 5898378 5898378 +92 +92 K-Block DHA Lahore K-Block DHA 5740747 5740747 4/1, 4/2 Abid Majeed Road Girja Chowk +92 4/1, +92 Cantt Cantt LHRCantt 6671722 LHRCantt 6671722 H No. 1425-16 Ahata Kishori Lal Sadar +92 No. +92 Saddar Saddar Bazar 6663990 Bazar 6663990 Shalimar Link +92 Shalimar +92 106, Shalimar Link Road 106, Road 6845866 Road 6845866 Shop # 10 Lahore Tower Barket Market +92 Shop +92 Barkat Market Barkat Garden Town 5889139 Garden 5889139 +92 +92 18-G Iqbal Town 18- G Gulshan Block Iqbal Town 18-G 185418612 5418612 +92 +92 Iqbal Town 654 Omer Block Iqbal Town Iqbal 5415654 5415654 +92 +92 Samanabad 476-N Main Road Samanabad Samanabad 476-N 7560112 7560112 +92 +92 Zahoor Elahi 25- A Block B Gulberg II Zahoor 5871948 5871948 Ravi Road 103,Ravi Road +92 Ravi 103,Ravi +92 Address 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 Davis Road Davis Shadman Shadman Railway Plaza Railway Rustam Park Rustam Hussain Chok Hussain Gulshan Ravi Gulshan 7700545 7700545 +92 +92 14- A, Davis Road 146309348 6309348 +92 +92 42/6, 42/7 Shadman Market 7560112 7560112 Ghari Shahu Railway plaza Allama Iqbal +92 Ghari +92 Rd 6314656 Rd 6314656 +92 +92 Omer Market Rustum Park Gulshan Ravi Omer 7460668 7460668 +92 +92 3A,C III Gulberg III Lahore 3A,C 5753146 5753146 +92 +92 162-A Gulshan Ravi 7462933 7462933 42 42 42 42 42 42 19. What’s your relationship with the suppliers? We have good relationship with our supplier’s .They have never been late in delivering the supplies, our upper management is very efficient and works delivering hard to solve these problems we have loyal suppliers .suppliers have never hard disappointed us. disappointed 20. How you maintain your inventory? We have full knowledge of after how much time we have to inform management about our inventory gourmet products are freshly made and management then we have a good system of inventory check for the other goods. then 21. How much profit your company earns in each month? We are not familiar with the profits but the company earns good profit that’s why they have decided to make chains in Lahore and they are also earning why excellent profit. excellent 22. Who you think your competitors in this area? Our company has few competitors Nirala, cakes & bakes etc but in this area we have Good luck bakery is our direct competitor. we 23. What’s your sale in the Eid season? We have a large amount of customers in Eid days and large profits are earned during the other festivals too. earned 24. Which product of your company is sold mostly in the festivals? Our sweets (mithae) and cakes are sold mostly and sweets mostly as it’s a traditional gift. traditional 25. What do you offer for the children? 25. We offer cakes of different cartoon characters and we also prepare cakes which the picture of the birthday girl /boy on the top of the cake. which 26. What do you feel is your parking fulfills the requirement of the customers? customers? No, we face problems when there’s high traffic, or large customers and mostly in eid days. mostly 27. Do you give concessions or discounts to customers? No we don’t give discounts to the customers; prices are fixed for all customers. customers. 28. Do you give discounts to your staff? Yes, we give discounts to our staff, there’s a card of 15% and 25% according to the post and hierarchy of jobs and the persons who own that according card from the company have discounts on all good sold at Gourmet. card 29. Do you allow your customers to borrow goods from you? No, we ask for the immediate cash payments and we don’t give them goods on credit. on 30. How many sales person are working in your this branch? There are about 15-16 persons working as sales persons in this branch. Do you give training to them? Yes, we have a training program for them, our 12 sales persons are fully trained and the other 3 / 4 sales persons are kept for training / probation. trained 31. What if the customer complains about the product? If there’s a serious complain then we send the product to the head office and if the complain is not serious then we take the defected product from the if customers and change it with the new product from the store at the spot. customers 32. Any new products you offered? Yes the company believes on developing new products of Gourmet, we have just introduced our gourmet milk and gourmet ice cream. just 33. So what was the response of the customers? The gourmet ice cream gave very good response but the customers were complaining about the milk .they were saying the milk is not of good quality complaining and it smells when the packet is opened .but now this complain is also and removed by the company. It’s also giving positive response. removed 34. What if the customers are frequently complaining about a sales person? 34. Then we fire him with the investigation of his performance. We are trained for the customer services; even if there’s a fault of the customer we negate for the sales person in front of the customer. the 35. Who is on the upper post from you? It’s the Zonal manager of each branch. 36. What’s the turnover rate of your sales persons? It’s 5% in a year. The turnover rate is very low in the company, all the employees are highly satisfies with their jobs. employees 37. How is the environment of the shop? The environment is very friendly .We enjoy working here 38. How is the relationship between the sales persons? They are very helpful to each other; we are never confronted with any conflict between the employees. conflict 39. What do you do when there’s a large no. of customers in shop? Then we distribute our sales person around the two sides and they are trained not to suffer from being committed by fraud or mistake. not 40. How do you greet your customers? We greet them by saying Assalam alaikum sir/miss and what can we do for you? you? 41. Do you have any feedback system so that you can improve your systems? systems? Yes we have a segment of customer care in which the customers can give feedback about the services or products .it can also be done through our feedback complaint manager. complaint 42. Any other services you provide on internet/website? Yes we have a segment of career support in which we have given the job description of the employees we need for the company .and the interested description persons can contact us on the site .i.e. send your application with one page send your application with one page CV on following address career@gourmetbaker.com.pk 44. Do your company does market search for R&D? Yes, Our Company survey the new products required by the customers and the new products the customers need. It also deals with the change in the the products or enhancement in the existing products. products 45. Are you completely satisfied with the job? 45. Yes, I am completely satisfied with my job. 46. Compared to a year ago how would you describe your current job satisfaction level? I would be much more satisfied with my job. would Analysis and recommendations Analysis The analysis of the data provided by the supervisor shows that the Gourmet bakers and sweets are striving to get a competitive advantage against its bakers customers but there are some problems too on which the company should customers concentrate because they serve many other factors respectively 1. First of all the company should concentrate on offering incentives and benefits to its old employees who are serving the company for more benefits than one year. they should be given family benefits and than compensation .by doing this the company could reduce its turn over compensation rate. Because when the employees are satisfied they can serve the rate. customers more efficiently and they are also committed to the job and customers company. company. 2. And secondly they should reduce the employee work hours.10 hrs job is a long period and the employee gets bored and loose interest in the is sales .Therefore it should be 8 hrs . sales 3. The company haven’t advertised themselves through media; they should have adopted some other source of advertisement to cater the should market. Well they are well known in the market but they should use market. TV media for their advertisement, they could also advertise TV themselves on the cable in the areas in which they are having their themselves chains. chains. 4. The name of the company is easy to pronounce for those people who know that they have to keep the ‘T” silent in the logo of Gourmet but know some people pronounce it with “T” and then the pronunciation of the some name of the company becomes very difficult. name 5. The Gourmet bakers have their branches only in Lahore which is the draw back of their marketing strategies. The company should also draw open its outlets in other major cities. And spend capital on advertising open the company in those cities. the 6. The employees of the company should be aware of the marketing plans of the company; they should know that how much profit the plans company is earning and what place they owe in the market. company 7. The company has no system of motivating its employees. So that, they could work with more interest. could 8. The company is not planning for the loyalty of its customers. They should give discounts to its regular customers. in this way the should customers sincerity with the company will grow. customers 9. The Parking area of the Gourmet bakers should be enhanced if their customers face problems in parking .then the customer would prefer customers to go on some other store to find convenience rather than buying for to the Gourmet. the 10. The company should increase the quality of the new products the company has offered (milk and ice-cream) and they should also company concentrate on the advertisement of the new product seriously. concentrate 11. The company should take feedback from the customers by personally surveying home to home and asking questions about the products and surveying improvement they should do .they should concentrate on the improvement requirement of the customers. requirement 12. As the people are weight and diet conscious today so the Gourmet bakers should introduce sugar free sweets and cakes for those people bakers this will help in their promotion and it will give an impact that the this company is customer conscious. And it will also be a competitive company advantage for the company. advantage 13. They should be concentrating on the quality of their products so that the customers wouldn’t be returning the goods back and thus the the image of the company wouldn’t be lost in the eyes of the customers. image 14. The company should communicate its goals to its employees. University of management and technology University of management and technology Principles of Marketing Submitted to: Mr. Waseem Alam ...
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