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The Institute of Management Sciences Final Project Marketing Strategy Topic: Nirala Sweets Submitted by Ahmad Bashir 051353 Bilal Naeem 051302 Hafiz Gohar Akhtar 051366 Zohaib Nasir 051391 Assigned by “Mr Jawad Saleem” Date: Nov 29th, 2008 h h h Corporate Strategy History: 52 years ago Taj Din, laid the foundation of a dream so unique for its time that he chose to call it "Nirala". Over the years, his family has embraced the timeless traditional values of good taste and unmatched quality, by bringing you fresh mouth watering mithai so uniquely called Nirala! Today, we proudly uphold the traditions of our pioneer that have earned us the love and loyalty of millions of customers all over the world. We continue to make the happy moments of your life truly memorable and joyful and give you all the right reasons to stay in love with our 1940s Nirala's legend began with the sub continent partition when Mr. Taj Din migrated from Amritsar, India to Lahore, Pakistan. He settled in one of the busiest areas of Lahore, The Meva Mundi, which was basically a market place where people came from large distances to sell their goods. Mr. Taj Din had an entrepreneurial spirit and saw an opportunity to provide food to the travelers. He partnered with a friend to open a breakfast shop, which grew popular in a couple of years. During the same time, his partner sold off his share to him.Mr. Taj Din aspired to be the best in the business and wanted to develop a brand name
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everyone would recognize. He and his son, Farooq Ahmad, wanted to choose a name that was unique and thus Nirala was formed. The word Nirala stands for 'exceptional', 'distinctive', 'only one of its kind' and Nirala stands true to its name. 1950s In 1952-53, Mr. Taj Din started selling methai as a complimentary line. He hired the best methai makers in the market. He also traveled to Karachi to hire methai makers that made methai fairly new to the people of Lahore. It was the first time cheese based methai was introduced in this region.The shop was then moved from Meva Mundi to Fleming Road. This was when Nirala got more recognition. In 1965, Nirala became the Official Methai Supplier for the Governor House. 1960s 1967-68 Mr. Farooq Ahmed joined the business when his father fell ill. During the decades following his joining the business, Mr. Farooq Ahmed was very instrumental in building up the business. He was more service oriented and wanted to change the concept of selling methai. 1970s In 1970, Mr. Farooq Ahmed visited Japan and bought showcases for his shop. This was the first time when the concept of sales persons was introduced.Nirala moved a step ahead in 1971-72, when Mr. Farooq Ahmed decided that the conventional methods of packaging methai were too uninspiring. He contacted Packages, so they could help him create his ideas into reality. 1980s
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Report+on+Corporate+Marketing+Strategy+of+Nirala - The...

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