Lecture2a - Evolution is a scientific theory derived from...

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BIOLOGY 1001 Friday, January 18, 2008 Lecture 2 Evolution: Accounts for Unity of Life - All organisms share fundamental characteristics – DNA - Common Descent Account for Diversity of Life - Genetic composition of population changes (evolves) - Differential survival (Natural Selection) - “Selects” advantages adaptations How do scientists categorize the diversity of life? 3 Domains of Living Organisms Bacteria Achaea Eukarya Some characteristics used to classify organisms: *Table 1-1 pg. 8 Autotrophs: use photosynthesis Herterotrophs: Eat other organisms Evolution: The Unifying Theory of Biology “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” -Theodore Dobzhonsky Accounts for diversity of life: - Change through time (DNA changes) Accounts for fundamental similarities: - Common Ancestry
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Unformatted text preview: Evolution is a scientific theory derived from observation and experiments. Evolutionary Process 3 Natural Processes in Evolution 1. Genetic Variation. 2. Competition. 3. Not all survive. *Adoptive Characteristics are inherited. What is an example of Natural selection? A bacterial cell inside you with a genetic variation that allows it to survive when you take antibiotics. Chapter 2 Atoms, Molec u les, & Life Atoms are the basic structural units of matter. i.e; the smallest pieces of stuff that still have stuff properties. An element is defined by how many of protons.-Number of protons = Atomic #-Has specific physical and chemical properties-Cant be broken down by chemicals.-Atomic Mass = Number of Protons + Neutrons...
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Lecture2a - Evolution is a scientific theory derived from...

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