Lecture4bio - Surface Tension: Surface resists breaking....

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H H H H O O BIOLOGY 1001 Friday, January 25, 2008 Lecture 4 What is the least type of bond to be affected by the presence of water? Answer: Polar Covalent Bonds Why is water so important to life? Water: Is a good solvent. Moderates effects of temperature. Forms an unusual solid. Sticks together. Pg. 28 Water Is A Good Solvent Dissolves molecules w/ionic bonds NaCl - Salt Dissolves polar molecules Glucose - Sugar Water + Dissolved Substance = Solution Water Moderates Temperature Water heats and cools slowly. Must break or form H-Bonds Water removes heat by evaporation. Pg. 32 Water Is An Unusual Solid Ice: Water is less dense when frozen. (I.E.; Ice Floats!) Pg. 23 Water Sticks Together
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Cohesion: The tendency to stick together.
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Unformatted text preview: Surface Tension: Surface resists breaking. Adhesion: Sticks to polar surface. All because H-Bonds Figure 2-8 pg. 30 Dissociation (-) (+) + Water Hydrogen Ion Hydrogen Ions (H 2 O) (OH-) (H + ) Acids & Basics Hydrogen Ions: H + (Protons) Have important biological effects. Acids: Release H + when dissolved in H 2 O. Bases: Release OH-when dissolved in H 2 O. Pg. 30-31 FACT: Cola (PH 3 ) has 10,000 times more H + ions then pure water (PH 7 ) Links to life Heath Food pg. 33 Chocolate as a health food? Yes. Wine good for you? Yes. Chapter 3 Most Biological Molecules Are Carbon Based Carbon forms 4 Covalent Bonds Organic Molecules Contain C & H Figure 3-1 pg. 38...
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Lecture4bio - Surface Tension: Surface resists breaking....

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