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Lecture6bio - attach 3 Recognition Proteins ID tags&...

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BIOLOGY 1001 Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Lecture 6 Nucleic Acids Polymers of nucleotides DNA and RNA: genetics ATP: energy carrier cAMP: cell communication Nucleotides Nucleic Acid Molecules Genetic info in order of bases. Connected by sugar-phosphate “backbone” Pg. 50 Nucleotides with Other Functions Cyclic: Communication Coenzymes: Metabolism Pg. 51 Chapter 4: Cell Membrane Structure and Function Cell membrane functions: 1. Isolates inside from the outside. 2. Regulates exchange. 3. Facilitates communication. Pg. 57-73 Pg. 58 Fluid Mosaic Model Fluid: Membrane phospholipids move easily. Mosaic: Proteins “float” in the phospholipids. Figure 4-1
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Types of Membrane Proteins 1. Transport Proteins: Regulate movement through membrane. 1. Channel Proteins 2. Carrier Proteins 2. Receptor Proteins: Trigger responses when specific molecules
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Unformatted text preview: attach. 3. Recognition Proteins: ID tags & attachment sites. Glycoprotein’s: Proteins with sugars attached. How Do Substances Move Across Membranes? Membranes are selectively permeable. Pg. 58 Transport Processes Passive transport: no energy required. Types: o 1. Simple diffusion: no proteins. o 2. Facilitated diffusion: requires proteins. o 3. Osmosis: movement of water. Table 4-1 Diffusion Molecules move randomly. Movement is from area of high concentration to area of low concentration. Down concentration gradient. o After time concentrations become equal. Figure 4-2 pg. 61 Passive Transport 1. Simple Diffusion: Small Molecules. 2. Facilitated Diffusion: Channels; small, charged. E.g., ions. 3. Osmosis: Water defusing across a differentially permeable membrane....
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Lecture6bio - attach 3 Recognition Proteins ID tags&...

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