Lecture14bio - Functions of Mitosis 1.) Growth and...

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BIOLOGY 1001 Monday, March 3, 2008 Lecture 14 X-Chromosome Inactivation 1 X chromosome inactivated in each cell in female mammals Which X is different from cell to cell? Transcript Modification Figure E10-1 Splicing Chapter 11: Continuity of Life Types of Cellular Reproduction Binary Fission Mitosis Development; growth; maintenance; repair Asexual reproduction Meiosis Sexual Reproduction – Making gametes Binary Fission Prokaryotes DNA attached to plasma membrane (PM) DNA replicates Growth pushes chromosomes apart PM pinches in at middle Parent divides into 2 daughter cells The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Figure 11-3 Cell Division in Eukaryotes 1.) Mitosis – Produces daughter cells that are clones of the parent cell. 2.) Meiosis – Produced eggs and sperm.
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Unformatted text preview: Functions of Mitosis 1.) Growth and Development 2.) Repair and Maintenance 3.) Asexual Reproduction Plants Fungi Protists Animals Clicker Question: Which of the following is NOT a function of mitosis in a multicellular organism? Answer: Production of gametes How is Eukaryotic DNA Organized into Chromosomes? Chromosome Structure Chromosome = DNA + Proteins DNA wrapped around histones DNA & Proteins arranges as a cylindrical fiber Figure 11-5 Human Chromosome Number Diploid Chromosome number (2n) = 46 Two sets of 23 chromosomes o One set from father. o One set from mother. Mitosis produces cells with 46 chromosomes two of each Figure 11-7...
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Lecture14bio - Functions of Mitosis 1.) Growth and...

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