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BIOLOGY 1001 Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Lecture 17 Restriction Enzymes cut DNA at specific places Bacteria use restriction enzymes to defend against viral infections. Pg. 250 How to make recombinant DNA? 1.) Restriction enzyme cut a specific sequence. 2.) The DNA fragments have sticky ends. 3.) The same enzyme cuts the same sequence in plasmid DNA. 4.) The plasmid DNA also has sticky ends. 5.) DNA fragments and plasmid DNA are mixed with DNA ligase. 6.) Host cells take up the recombinant plasmids. 7.) Result: recombinant plasmids containing foreign DNA fragments. Clicker Question: To join a fragment of human DNA to bacterial both the human DNA and the bacterial DNA must be first treated with the same _______. Answer: Restriction Enzyme Genetic Engineering: Plants Techniques o Gene gun o Argobacterium tumefaciens Applications o Improved Crops Quantity Quality Pest/Stress Resistant o Bioreactor production – novel products. Using Argobacterium Tumefaciens Ti plasmid used to transform plant cells. Ti = tumor inducing virus Gene-of-interest inserted into Ti plasmid which then infects plant cell. Figure 13-7
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TRANSGENIC CROPS TABLE 13-1 Potential problems with transgenic crops 1.) Allergic reactions in humans. 2.) Damage to friendly insects/problems with the pollination of unrelated plants. 3.) Creating weeks that are immune to our chemical herbicides. Genetic Engineering: Animals Microinjection of gametes/embryos Applications o Improved quantity/quality of meat products o Resistance to environmental stress. o Biological production units (“pharming”) Example: “Goat Silk” o Models of genetic disease – knockout mice Clicker Question: Which of the following results from inserting foreign DNA into
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Lecture17bio - BIOLOGY 1001 Wednesday Lecture 17...

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