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QUIZ5ANSW - Question 1 0 of 1 points How do C4 plants...

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Question 1 0 of 1 points How do C4 plants prevent photorespiration? Selected Answer:
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Question 2 1 of 1 points Which of the following organisms is NOT capable of photosynthesis? Selected Answer: Question 3 1 of 1 points Where does the oxygen in the atmosphere come from? Selected Answer: Question 4 0 of 1 points You have just discovered a plant with blue leaves. What color is NOT being absorbed by the pigments in these leaves? Selected Answer: Question 5 1 of 1 points In the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis, ATP is produced by chemiosmosis. Describe this process. Selected Answer: Question 6 1 of 1 points When electrical energy is converted to light, some is lost as heat. This loss of usable energy can be explained by __________. Selected Answer: Question 7 1 of 1 points ATP is called the “energy currency” of the cell because it Selected Answer: Question 8 1 of 1 points In a chemical reaction, the __________ are the atoms or molecules that enter into the reaction, and the __________ are the chemicals or atoms made during the reaction.
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