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Biology 1001 – General Biology Spring 2008 Instructor: Dr. Nicole Minor Office: 426 Life Sciences Bldg. Phone: 578-8125 E-mail: nminor@lsu.edu Office Hours: MWF 1:40 – 3:00 Required Materials Text: Biology: Life on Earth; ISBN 0-13-100506-5 Clickers Student response system (a.k.a. clickers)We will be using the Turning Technologies student response system for this course. Clickers (TurningPoint P/N: RCRF-01) may be purchased in the Student Union Bookstore and possibly from other area bookstores . A limited number are available for semester long check out from the library I will use Semester Book, which can also be accessed through your PAWS account under Student Services, to post all class grades. You should be able to view your grades in Semester Book at any time during the semester. If you are having trouble accessing Semester Book, call 578-0100 or go to the Frey Computing Services Building. They should be able to clear up any problems. I will assess your performance in my class with exams and weekly online quizzes, which can be accessed through Blackboard. Weekly online quizzes will help you keep up with the material so that you do not have to “cram” for your exams. Note: your Black board quizzes are available for multiple days, but it is in your best interests to do the quizzes early in the week. There are frequently outages of PAWS and/or Blackboard during the weekends for maintenance. Please keep a copy of your quiz results page from Blackboard until you are sure the correct grade is posted on Semester Book. COPIES OF QUESTIONS IN MICROSOFT WORD WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS PROOF THAT YOU TOOK THE QUIZ. Grade information: I will not give out grade information by phone or by email. If you have questions or issues about your grades, you must come to scheduled office hours. This is to keep your information private. Attendance: You are expected to attend class. I will not go over materials that you have missed during office hours. It is not necessary to email me with the reasons you have missed lectures, and you will not be able to make up the in class quizzes if you miss a lecture. CLASSROOM CONDUCT:
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Spring_syllabus - Biology 1001 General Biology Spring 2008...

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