mass comm ch.7

mass comm ch.7 - freely exchange information World Wide Web...

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Mass Comm.Ch. 7 Audio format wars : the product had to be more affordable durable and better quality History of recording: 1700’s public demand from Mozart 1831 music included in copyright law 1877 Tom Edison made first recording with phonograph 1906 Victor Company introduced victroldist 1920 birth of radio: cost changes in recording studio 1930 live radio and depression and slump in record sales 1950 higher quality recording different tracks on album 1947 consolidation of media 6 big names: Columbia victor deca MGM capitol and mercury 1953 Essex released first rock n roll hit by Bill hailey Presley signed with RCA and in 1955 he was dancing in T.V. 1959 The day the music died: all artists where indisposed 1963’s Beatles came along 1970’s started with popularity in New York City Music Videos have a cultural impact on role of image of society. Focus in music on short term profits The internet is a hardware system: a global network interconnected that communicate and
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Unformatted text preview: freely exchange information World Wide Web is software used to navigate between computers According to the Newswar video the first program to make money was 60 minutes According to guest speaker Kirby goidel the 2008 presidential debate took place at all the following universities except Miss Hofstra Tulane Belmont According to the 1986 Electronic Communication Privacy Act, is it acceptable for an employer to access an employee’s email? A. Yes According to the news war video, ROCKETBOOM is an online condensded newscast with an anchor that covers whatever the reporters are interested in According to Kirby Goidel the first televised debate was between Nixon and Kennedy The top 40 radio format was originally based on the number of recoreds typicall stored on a jukebox According to the way the music died about 30,000 albums are released each year...
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mass comm ch.7 - freely exchange information World Wide Web...

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