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Philsophy midterm soul - Garrick Huhner Dr Crystal...

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Garrick Huhner Dr. Crystal Philosophy 1000 Section 4 October 21, 2009 The Relationship The message is hard to convey how the soul relates to reality. Plato describes his interpretation of the soul to reality in books Six and Seven of the Republic. Plato is very descriptive in his analogies he uses to describe his take on the soul. Plato describes the soul using The Sun, The Cognition line, and The Cave to relate the soul to reality. The sun allows us to see visible objects, without the sun we could not see. With this analogy Plato describes the sun. Sight may be present in the eyes, and the one who has it may try to use it, and colors maybe be present in things, but unless a third kind of thing is present, which is naturally adapted for this very purpose, you know that sight will see nothing, and the colors will remain unseen.(157) We do not look directly at the sun because our eyes are not capable of handling the intense rays of light. The sun provides the condition for us to see, which is light. Light itself is not a visible object. The human eye would not be able to see without the sun; hence we rely on the sun. The sun shines light onto an object which illuminates the object making it able to be seen by people. The visible object is also dependent on the sun because without the sun the object would not be seen. In order for humans to see the sun must shine down onto an object,
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Huhner 2 from there the light is reflected off of the object and into the seer’s eyes. The observer is able to see because of this process, this is why the sun is vital to sight. Well, understand the soul in the same way: When it focuses on something illuminated by truth and what is, it understands, knows, and apparently possesses understanding, but when it focuses on what is mixed with obscurity, on what comes to be and passes away, it opines and is dimmed, changes its opinions this
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Philsophy midterm soul - Garrick Huhner Dr Crystal...

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