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Anno Bibli - Garrick Huhner Mr Dentinger Engl 2000...

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Garrick Huhner Mr. Dentinger Engl 2000 Annotated Bibliography October 21, 2009 Work Cited Barnett, Jon and Peter Christoff, writ. An Inconvenient Truth . Narr. Albert Gore. 2006. Paramount Pictures. DVD. This movie is narrated by Al Gore who won the Nobel Peace Prize for giving speeches about the destruction caused by the greenhouse gasses. He shows many graphs and charts showing increase in temperature and other key factors to global warming. He was also considered a hypocrite because he was leading the state of Tennessee in housing emissions. Birdsall, Nancy. The White House and the World : A Global Development Agenda for The Next U.S. President . Washington, D.C: Center for Global Development, 2008. Birdsall goes into detail talking about the issues the President needs to deal with. She states that global warming has a major impact on our society and we need to change it. It shows that there is a threat to the environment and that the issue should be addressed in some manner. Butler, Rhett A. 2006. ABC. 5 Nov. 2008
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Anno Bibli - Garrick Huhner Mr Dentinger Engl 2000...

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