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Homework3Appraisal - evaluation is severity error An...

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PSYC 3050 Homework Assignment 3: Performance Appraisal After reading about performance appraisal in Chapter 7, consider the problem of appraising the work performance of individuals with the following job title: Psychology Teacher. 1) Self assessments minimize halo errors. A psychology teacher knows his/her own weaknesses and does not have to follow a structured particular assessment on one instance. Positive leniency can be a problem when using a self-assessment of performance to appraise work performance. The teacher could give themselves a higher rated or more favorable performance on how they perform. One favorable reason the teacher should use student evaluations of performance is to get the perspective of the “customer” has of the teacher. He can give good feed-back to give evidence that the teacher is performing his/her job. A problem that can follow a student
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Unformatted text preview: evaluation is severity error. An example would be the students who got a bad grade could give the teacher a bad evaluation based on the students grade not the questions of evaluation. 2) Preparedness- how prepared and prepped the teacher is for the class. Approachability- how available the teacher makes himself to the students. Preparedness- 7-9 the teacher shows up on time ready to start teaching with the notes set up and ready to go. 1-3 teachers do not have all mandatory materials to teach the class, tardy. Approachability- 7-9 teacher encourages students to be active and ask questions after the lecture. 1-3 the teacher just leaves the class, does not carry very good manners, not very enthusiastic....
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