A sunday afternoon final draft

A sunday afternoon final draft - Garrick Huhner Mr...

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Garrick Huhner Mr. Dentinger Engl. 2000-02 September 16, 2009 An Uneasy Sunday In the short story, Sunday in the Park, written by Bel Kaufman, life is not how it appears. The story opens with what seems like a relaxing afternoon, the woman even thinks to herself “how good this is” (1). This peaceful afternoon does not last as conflict soon enters the story when Joe, the other boy in the sandbox, throws sand at Larry. Conflict continues to escalate when internal feelings of hostility between the children’s parents are expressed. Things in the story do not stay as calm as they first appear and a strong parallelism between both fathers and their sons, and between Larry’s mother and her husband is observed. From the beginning of the story the author sets a mood of things not being as serene as they first appear. The park is illustrated as being deserted, “the swings and seesaws stood motionless and abandoned, the slides were empty” (1). At first the setting seems like a fine Sunday evening in the park, but then the playground is described as “all but deserted,” and the mood suddenly feels more ominous than peaceful (1). The author goes on to describe two boys
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A sunday afternoon final draft - Garrick Huhner Mr...

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