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Unformatted text preview: 0 Social Psychology Social Psychology Introduction to Social Psychology (Chapter One in Myers) Social psychology and Social psychology and related disciplines 0 Social psychology and sociology Social psychology and personality psychology Levels of explanation 2 of 16 0 8 of 16 0 7 of 16 Obvious ways in which values enter Not­so­obvious ways in which values enter The subjective aspects of science Psychological concepts contain hidden values There is no bridge from “is” to “ought” Social psychology and human Social psychology and human values 0 Social psychology in three worlds 1. US, Canada, Uk ~75% of research 2. W Europe, Aus, Japan, Israel ~15­20% 3. Misc: NZ, China India, others ~7% 3 of 16 Hindsight bias Is social psychology simply Is social psychology simply common sense? 0 The tendency to exaggerate, after learning an outcome, one’s ability to have foreseen it Also known as the I­knew­it­all­along phenomenon Example: Concerning the Strength of Bonds between two people. Common Sense provides: Sounds like common sense, right? But, it “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” 4 of 16 How we do social psychology How we do social psychology Forming and testing theories and hypotheses Correlational research: Detecting natural associations Correlation versus causation Survey research 5 of 16 12 of 16 13 of 16 14 of 16 How we do social psychology How we do social psychology Experimental research: searching for cause and effect Control: Manipulating variables Random assignment: The great equalizer The ethics of experimentation 6 of 16 15 of 16 10 of 16 11 of 16 Social Psych Research Social Psych Research Control vs. Realism: A Tradeoff? Mundane vs. Experimental Realism Exptl. Realism and Impact Increasing Impact, 3 Tools: 1. Social Manipulation (Confederates): especially for interaction topics 2. Environmental Manipulation: examples: smoke emergency, rifle (weapons effect) 3. Instructional Manipulation: written Social Psych Research: Control Social Psych Research: Control Dependent Variable How to Choose Types: Border Self­Report Behavioral/Observational Physiological Spatial Temporal Carlsmith & Henson, tested whether drivers stopped at an intersection would try to escape to avoid being Stared at (by a confederate standing on the corner). Example of a Dependent Example of a Dependent Variable Border List of Soc Psych Methods List of Soc Psych Methods (know strengths/weaknesses) 0 1. Lab Experiment 2. Field (getting ideas & ultimate test of theories): a) Experiment b) Observational Study 3. Survey: a) Questionnaire – inexpensive, collect more data faster b) Interview – more costly, slower 4. Archival Research – data already collected 5. Case Study – little preparation, not much control 0 16 of 16 ...
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