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UCLA Physics M155 12-1-09

UCLA Physics M155 12-1-09 - -PDV regarding utilities...

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Coda automotive: - 10am Monday Dec 7 th - Big names vouching for quality of product o Signaling to investors - Company hopes to sell 10,000 units for $45k o $45,000 + 10,000 miles * X Kwh/miles * P Kwh o PDV calculation against Camry at $28,000 $28,000 + P gas *400 = 10,000 miles/25 mpg - Resale value, maintenance, part replacement (many questions regarding hidden costs) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coda_Automotive For green products to attract customers over the status quo, there needs to be incentive to the customer. Whether that be smug, sexiness, or PDV Quigley: Trend, rise in commercial consumption of electricity Green office buildings Certification issues, governmental impartiality, engineering nerds examine physical characteristics of building and energy use Collected large database of data If a building is certified with Energy Star, is the cost of certification captured in resale value
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Unformatted text preview: -PDV regarding utilities Comparing buildings: control for age, recent renovations, location, “class”, size, etc If energy star certified, LEED certified rent is 3% to 5% more If energy star/LEED certified, resale is 19% more Conclusion: no systematic evidence of increased rate of return (?) Kahn’s discussion: How do we explain the 19% resale value? Price of electricity is not constant over space. In areas with comparatively expensive energy, the Energy Star and LEED certifications should be more valuable to realtors. How to test for labeling effects? Observe density effects of conspicuous green consumption. Observe LEED vs. Energy Star to pick apart nuanced heterogeneity. Vulture: swooping in on failing assets now + cost of upkeep < income (#of rooms * rent per room) + (# * rent)/1+r +…...
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