UCLA Physics M155 11-17-09

UCLA Physics M155 11-17-09 - Characteristics of home are...

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When information is the missing link, nerds can change the world. Kahn Final Exam: Review 10 topics – what are the “Big Ideas” from each topic. Re-read pages he assigns NYT: Homeowners purchase green certificates to draw energy from wind, offset CO 2 If only 2% of California signs up, huge “free rider” issue Cost wind = F + 2Q 2 Cost gas = F/2 Kahn Hw: (2 graphs) Data from Sacramento, July 2008 5000 households Average Daily Expenditure “Payment” ($) + “Usage” (KWh) + Income ($/yr) + Area of home (ft 2 ) Histogram – left skewed, look at the mean/median/identify those 90%tile + 10%tile Why do households have different usage? Coasta/Kahn -Demography of household #, age, ethnicity, income -Characteristics of structure Year built, area, pool (30% price increase!!!), location (temperature, politics), renovations Observed market price for homes with efficient electricity usage – NO PRICE PREMIUM
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Unformatted text preview: Characteristics of home are not capitalized in the resale value of the home. Ln(KWh) = c + b i (Pool) Sales price = c + φ * efficiency KWh Solar – 7% price increase on resale Increasing-Block Pricing: (Borenstein) Baseline = “average family” Econ assumption: faced with a non-linear price schedule, people will reduce consumption Run experiment: Observe how people change consumption patterns when faced with large price increase (consumers in the 400%tile) vs. consumption patterns when faced with no prince change (<100%). Consumers: Save past electricity bills, observe changes. Problem: We get our past month consumption, not current. Difficult to manage. Smart meter: $100 installation Test benefits of smart meter by observing where they fall on price schedule – do they avoid the jumps? Data limitation: no demographic data besides zip code...
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UCLA Physics M155 11-17-09 - Characteristics of home are...

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