Anth 02 Syllabus

Anth 02 Syllabus - UCSC Anthropology 02 MWF 9:30 10:40 A.M...

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UCSC – Anthropology 02 Spring 2010 MWF 9:30 – 10:40 A.M. Classroom Unit 2 Professor Triloki N. Pandey [email protected] , Tel: 459-4674, messages x9-3366 Office Hours: MW 1:30-3:00pm Office: 319 Social Sciences 1 Teaching Assistants : Ted Biggs ( [email protected] ), Emma Britton ( [email protected] ), Mary Ann Fanning ( [email protected] ), Colin Hoag ( [email protected] ), Anneke Janzen ( [email protected] ), Katy Overstreet ( [email protected] ), Christian Palmer ( [email protected] ), Megan Shea ([email protected]) INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY This course introduces students to the discipline of Social-Cultural Anthropology. Socio- Cultural Anthropology is a social science that provides a comprehensive understanding of human diversity. In my view, Socio-Cultural Anthropology is characterized by two things – (1) its method of constructing knowledge through fieldwork, and (2) its focus on the study of a variety of human activities in cultures and societies differently located in time or space. We will begin this course with an exploration of various concepts, methods, and theories that anthropologists have developed over the past one hundred years to document human diversity. We will examine topics such as food, clothing, family, kinship, marriage, gender and sexuality, health care, inequality, politics, religion, nation, nationalism and ethnicity, colonialism, and globalization. Course Requirements In this course, students will be required to attend all class sessions and attend a weekly section meeting with a teaching assistant. They will be asked to read carefully the assigned readings. Most of the readings are available through the Web CT. Please complete the assigned readings prior to the date scheduled and take notes so that you can engage more seriously in the lecture and retain key ideas, concepts and terms. Students are expected to come to class prepared to discuss reading assignments, raise questions, and participate in all class and section activities. Students will be required to take an in-class midterm exam , a final exam, and write four short papers (described below). Grading scale: Midterm 20% Final 25% Short Papers (four) 30% Attendance/Participation 25%
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UCSC-Anthropology 02 Spring, 2010 Professor Triloki Pandey Page 2 Papers: All written assignments must be typed, doubled-spaced, using font Times or Times Roman size 12. All papers must be submitted in paper copy (email versions will NOT be accepted) and delivered to the TA in class. Please adhere to the deadline (submit on or before due date). No late papers will be accepted. a) Two (2) critical summaries. Write a one to two page paper summarizing the main argument of the article. Tell us why you believe that the argument is convincing or compelling (or not). Make a list of the new terms or concept that the author employs and provide a short definition of each. Write two questions that article raises for you. [8 points]
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Anth 02 Syllabus - UCSC Anthropology 02 MWF 9:30 10:40 A.M...

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