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STUDENT CONSENT FOR RELEASE OF STUDENT INFORMATION (Buckley Waiver) I hereby authorize the UCSD Economics Department to return my graded final examination/research paper by placing it in a location accessible to all students in the course. I understand that the return of my examination/research paper as described above may result in disclosure of personally identifiable information, that is not public information as defined in UCSD PPM 160-2, and I hereby consent to the disclosure of such information. Quarter Winter 2008 Course Econ 120B Date March 19, 2008 Instructor Professor Yongil Jeon S t u d e n t I D # P r i n t N a m e S i g n a t u r e
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2 Answer to EXAM #3, ECON 120B, Winter 2008 2 Economics 120B, Winter 2008 Name: _________________________ Professor Yongil Jeon 7-8:30pm on March 19 (Wednesday) Student ID#: _________________________ Answer to Exam #3 – Winter 2008: Econometrics 120B 1. (5 points) In multiple regression analysis, the correlation among the independent variables is termed a. homoscedasticity b. linearity c. multicollinearity d. adjusted coefficient of determination Answer: c 2. (5 points) A regression analysis involved 8 independent variables and 99 observations. The critical value of t for testing the significance of each of the independent variable's coefficients will have a. 98 degrees of freedom b. 97 degrees of freedom c. 90 degrees of freedom d. 7 degrees of freedom Answer: c 3. (5 points) The joint effect of two variables acting together is called a. autocorrelation b. interaction c. serial correlation d. joint regression Answer: b 4. (10 points) A “Cobb-Douglas” production function relates Production (Q) to factors of production, capital (K), labor (L), and basic research (R), and an error term u using the question 3 12 QK L R u β ββ λ = , where 2 1 , , and 3 are production parameters with 123 1.
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ex03_answer_econ120b_w08 - STUDENT CONSENT FOR RELEASE OF...

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