00553660-RDC-OB850 - N4*Alachua*FL*32615*USA~ N1*BY*SYSCO

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Sheet1 Page 1 ISA*00* *00* *08*4225200000 *01*054722210 *100428*1708*U*00401*156835092*0*T*@~ GS*PO*4225200000*054722210*20100428*1708*13174490*X*004010~ ST*850*13174508~ BEG*00*NE*00553660**20100428~ REF*CR*H64359~ REF*IL*1757110~ REF*YD*020*John~ REF*VR*00092201~ FOB*PB~ SAC*A*A170***480*******02***ADJUSTMENT~ DTM*002*20100505~ DTM*010*20100503~ TD5****H~ N9*L1*GEN~ MSG*VENDOR REFERENCE # 00092201~ MSG*SYSCO OC H64359~ N1*BT*SYSCO CORPORATION*91*1095276680000~ N3*1390 Enclave Pkwy.~ N4*Houston*TX*77077*USA~ N1*ST*RDC - SE COOPERATIVE*91*8091343930000~ N3*12421 NW 173RD STREET~
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Unformatted text preview: N4*Alachua*FL*32615*USA~ N1*BY*SYSCO CORPORATION*91*1095276680000~ N3*1390 Enclave Parkway~ N4*Houston*TX*77077*USA~ N1*VN*Patrick Cudahy Inc.*9*0547222100~ N3*One Sweet Apple-Wood Lane~ N4*Cudahy*WI*53110*USA~ N1*SF*PATRICK CUDAHY*9*05472221~ N3*1 SWEET APPLEWOOD LN~ N4*CUDAHY*WI*531101635~ PO1*1*360*CA*30.88*PE***VP*4320014220*PI*1295567~ PID*F****BACON LAYFLAT 18-22~ PO1*2*96*CA*29.52*PE***VP*4320016146*PI*5756018~ PID*F****TURKEY BRST JULN 1/4X1/4X1.5~ CTT*2*456~ SE*35*13174508~ GE*1*13174490~ IEA*1*156835092~...
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This note was uploaded on 06/09/2010 for the course FIN 555 taught by Professor Acxada during the Spring '10 term at Kansas.

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