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AMC_warehouseflow - 945 Confirmation of shipped...

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AMC  Warehouse AEM AEM notifies AMC of product movement via the following EDI transactions: 940 Planning ; AEM notifies AMC that product is to be moved from AMC warehouse to plant or customer  940 Delivery;  A Delivery order sent to AMC to create a shipment. 204 Shipment ;  Confirmation of 940 Planning with shipment information.   943 Stock Transfer Order ; directions from AEM to AMC receiving warehouse indicating expected stock from  AEM plants   846 Inventory Advice ;  Snap shot of current inventory on hand 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status;  Shipment confirmation inbound to AEM 210 Accrual Invoice;  Inbound to AEM from AMC 944 Stock Transfer Confirmation ; Goods Receipt from 943 STO (PGR)
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Unformatted text preview: 945 Confirmation of shipped quantities; (PGI) 210 Freight Invoice; Final Invoice from AMC to AEM. 947 Inventory Adjustment; (change of storage account, batch numbers, on/off hold) Americold Logistics warehousing communication via EDI AMC provides AEM with product status via the following EDI transactions: EDI 940P Planning Order EDI 204 Shipment Order EDI 943 Stock Transfer Ship. Advice EDI 846 Inventory Advice EDI 944 STO Confirmation EDI 210 Freight Invoice (Actual 210) EDI 947 Inventory Adjustment s EDI 940D Delivery Order EDI 945 Shipping Confirmation EDI 210 Accrual EDI 214 Shipment Confirmation...
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