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Evaluation phase: 1. Get Trading partner information from JM-PC 2. Understand the architecture of the EDI flow for JM and PC 3. Figure out how many customers are common between AE and JM/PC 4. Send out a notification to Trading partners about the migration plan. (Should be done by  JM-PC) 5. Identify any new EDI transactions used by JM-PC Data content Analysis: 6. Get data samples in batches 7. For the common customers do the EDI data gap analysis 8. For customers not common, develop the EDI maps. 9. Analyze and develop transactions that are currently not on the AE landscape.
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Unformatted text preview: Testing: 10. Perform Unit testing. 11. Also request TP participation for end to end testing and mark the accepted customers. (Initially to be done my JM-PC and later I will continue the coordination with the customers) 12. For the sensitive customers (those who are not willing to participate in end-to-end testing) do a complete visual testing internally. 13. Coordinate testing with customers. Go-Live: 14. Post testing roll out the customers based on the ‘TP Rollout plan’. 15. EDI flow monitoring....
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