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EE 131A Homework #5 Winter 2006 Due February 23nd K. Yao Read Leon-Garcia, pp. 118–136 1. Suppose telephone messages arrive at the average rate of 2 per hour. Suppose you take a 15 minute break (i.e., what is the average rate in that time ?), find the probability of a. no calls. b. no more than 1 call. Hint: λ is the average value of a Poisson r.v.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Problem 37, page 178. 3. Problem 42, page 179. 4. Problem 44, page 179. 5. Problem 45, page 179. 6. Problem 46, page 179. 7. Suppose test scores are normally distributed. What is the best choice for and , if the average score is 60 and 30% of the scores are over 73?...
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