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Lecture 1 Week 7:  Personal Property Law and Landlord-Tenant Law Activities Overview: We will discuss the laws concerning personal property and landlord-tenant law including the duties owed by a landlord to a tenant and the duties owed by a tenant to a landlord. Core Learning Outcomes addressed this week: Describe the relationship between landlords and tenants.   Demonstrate the ability to brief a case. Weekly Activities: Study chapters 23 and 25.
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Unformatted text preview: Go to Lecture under the Week 7 Heading to read the lecture. Go to Discussion to participate in class by Sunday of Week 7. Go to Self-check to take a quiz (ungraded) on each chapter we cover this week. Go to Case Study to find out and turn in your case study of the week by Sunday of Week 7. Visit the Web Site of the Week : Landlord Tenant law cases (read interesting cases on landlord-tenant law from West Publishing)...
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