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Lecture 1 Week 6: Remedies and Product Liability Activities Overview: We will discuss remedies and the doctrine of product liability. Core Learning Outcomes addressed this week: Examine the legal requirements for contract formation. Discuss what actions constitute a breach of contract and the remedies available. Describe basic concepts of contracts. Demonstrate the ability to brief a case. Explain the warranties imposed by law in the sale of goods. Weekly Activities: Study chapters 18 and 20. Go to Lecture under the Week 6 Heading to read the lecture.
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Unformatted text preview: • Go to Discussion to participate in class by Sunday of Week 6. • Go to Self-check to take a quiz (ungraded) on each chapter we cover this week. • Go to Case Study to find out and turn in your case study of the week by Sunday of Week 6. • Go to Paper to turn in your paper in the dropbox (or turn it in by going directly to the Dropbox .) Due: Sunday of Week 6. • Reminder: This Sunday is the last day to complete the proctor form . Visit the Web Site of the Week : The International Court of Justice ("The World Court")...
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