Lecture 1 (WK1)

Lecture 1 (WK1) - Lecture 1 The Core Learning Outcomes...

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Lecture 1 The Core Learning Outcomes addressed this week are: Demonstrate the ability to brief a case. See this week’s Case Study. Describe the function and role of the courts and lawyers in society . See Ch 1 p 11, Ch 2. Describe the historical development of statutory and common law . See Ch 1 p 3. Distinguish between the role of the law and ethics in business decision making. (Ask yourself: What is the relationship between social responsibility and the law?) See Ch 4. Discuss the role the U.S. Constitution plays in the regulation of business . ( Hint : An excellent way to study this would be to look for the fundamental concepts and principles of the American legal system, particularly those pertaining to today’s business environment, as you read chapter 3.) Also, see this week's class discussion question. Other Key Concepts: Chapter 1: federal supremacy, precedent, stare decisis, federalism Chapter 2: the stages in civil litigation, the types of jurisdiction, venue , ADR (alternative dispute resolution) Chapter 3: federal supremacy, separation of power, judicial review, Constitutional issues related to business (such as how the Constution creates a strong federal government and why that is important, the 1st Amendment, the takings clause, the contract clause, the commerce clause) Chapter 4: What is corporate social responsibility? How should corporate misconduct be controlled?
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Lecture 1 (WK1) - Lecture 1 The Core Learning Outcomes...

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