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Discussion (WK2) - Discussion (WK2) Review "White...

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Discussion (WK2) Review "White Collar Crimes and the Dilemmas of Corporate Control" on p. 154- 165 of your text. In particular, read U.S. v. Park on p. 157. (For more info, you can view the unedited version of U.S. v. Park online.) Who won? Was this case decided correctly? Should a CEO ever be criminally liable for crimes committed by employees? If so, under what circumstances? Also, research another example of white collar crime using the Internet. Tips: You could research Enron, Arthur Andersen, the Erin Brockovich case, Tyco and Dennis Kozlowski, the Teledyne case, potential liability of CEOs of financial institutions for misrepresentation, the Maddoff Ponzi scheme, etc. . Please list any websites you quote or cite at the bottom of your comments using APA style. Please limit your comments to 500 words or less. Deadline for posting your answer to the discussion question: Thursday by midnight in the Mountain time zone. Deadline for peer review: Sunday by midnight in the Mountain time zone.
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Discussion (WK2) - Discussion (WK2) Review "White...

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