Case Study (WK3)

Case Study (WK3) - Okosa Vs. Hall: What was the issue?...

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Case Study (WK3) Review the information about the mailbox rule on page 332-335. Under the mailbox rule, an authorized acceptance is effective when properly dispatched even if it is never received.    Answer question # 7 from your text on p. 341. Review Okosa v. Hall on page 332-333. What was the issue? Was this case decided correctly? Why or why not? Question #7: "Cantu argued that the mailbox rule should not apply because her offer was made in person and the superintendent was not authorized to accept by using the mail." This is not a good argument for Cantu carried a letter of resignation with a forwarding address for her last pay check to be sent to after signing a contract that she would work for a year. This applied to the superintendent that Cantu would not be in the immediate area to physically receive anything.
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Unformatted text preview: Okosa Vs. Hall: What was the issue? Peter & Obianuju Okosa were behind in their quarterly premium payment on their automobile policy with New Jersey Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange. At first this action was not decided correctly for the court dismissed the Okosa's claim. Then the Okosa's appealed and won. Which I believe was decided correctly for their payment was made before the cancellation date. One could say that the Okosa's could have called and said their payment was sent by certified mail to ensure their was no interruption of their policy. Brent Gilje 5 Nov 09 10:38 PM MST I won der if the pho ne call wou ld hav e wor ked, wou ld the insu ran ce com pan y beli eve that ?...
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Case Study (WK3) - Okosa Vs. Hall: What was the issue?...

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