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Case Study (WK2) - "We're going into a room with a...

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Case Study (WK2) Follow the steps of a murder trial, read about controversial legal issues, read about the criminal justice system, or look up words in the glossary at Anatomy of a Murder. What did you learn? (Answer in a paragraph or so.) The Discovery... Begun with a dead body found with no I.D., Detective was going to talk to the missing person's parents, assuming at the time that the victim found is the "missing person", even before the autopsy was started, with no one I.D. the body. Sad what one will do for money & fraud. Didn't know that detectives were required to fill out affidavits, in order to apply for a warrant. Is interesting what the detectives had to go through in 48 hours without the murderer weapon. Interesting about the grand jury room...
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Unformatted text preview: .. "We're going into a room with a grand jury of twenty-three people who will determine whether or not we get to indict this murderer. If we do our job, and a majority of them agree with our evidence, they return a true bill. If we mess up, then another girl may wind up dead in a few weeks". Sad that if the law makes a mistake a murderer could possibly go free. Didn't know the two ways that a juror might be removed. .. Brent Gilje 28 Oct 09 8:46 PM MST You are corr ect the stak es are high , that is why poli ce hav e a diffi cult job in piec ing tog eth er the evid enc e. It is cruc ial that they follo w the...
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