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Lecture 2 Intellectual Property Type Example What is  protected? By? How long? If stolen? Patent Prescription  drugs (Prozac) New and useful  processes,  machines, and  compositions of  matter that are  not obvious US Constitution,  federal law 20 years Patent infringement,  treble damages  possible Trade Secret Formula for  Coca-Cola,  recipe for KFC  coating Secret formulas,  programs,  methods, and  devices that  have  independent  economic value State and federal  law Indefinite Sue for  misappropriation,  Federal crime under  EEA Copyright Books, movies Literary work,  musical,  dramatic, or  choreographic  work, motion  pictures, artwork,  sound  recordings,  architectural  works,  photographs US Constitution,  federal law Author's life plus 
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Unformatted text preview: 70 years, exception: work-for-hire Civil suit for copyright infringement, plagiarism. Criminal federal prosecution rare Trademark Tony the Tiger A word, name, symbol or devise adopted and used by a merchant or manufacturer to identify goods State and federal law 10 years, renewable Trademark infringement, treble damages possible Right of Publicity Photo, name Your name, photo, likeness State law Indefinite Civil suit Please note: To prepare this chart, I used Business Law and the Regulatory Environment by Mallor, Barnes, et al , 11th edition, 2001. ISBN: 0072510099 or 0-07231407-9. Any page numbers or citations refer to this text....
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