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Final exam study guide… Know what the file extensions are for the applications that we used. (see SimNet) Access - ACCDB / Excel – XLSX / PowerPoint – PPTX / Word - DOCX How are networks secured? What is the data storage hierarchy? (see pg 403) Consists of the levels of data stored in a computer database: bits, characters (bytes), fields, records, and files. What are the different types of databases? What is an example of a query language? (see pg 512) Is an easy-to-use language for retrieving data from a database management system. Examples of query languages are SQL (Structured Query Language) and Intellect. Do not open any email from unknown sources. Do not open email attachments from unknown sources. Scan files attached to email before you open them. Use firewall software if your internet connection is always on. Never start your computer from an unknown floppy disk. Run virus-scanning software on a new floppy disk or CD before
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