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Evaluating Compliance 1 Evaluating Compliance Strategies HCR/220 May 21, 2010
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Evaluating Compliance 2 Evaluating Compliance Strategies It is a tedious and grueling process for the medical billing staff to prepare the bills for proposal for payment of services rendered. The correct medical codes must be used. This codes are known as CPT or Current Procedural Terminology, which should state what procedures were done and why they were done. In some instances, claims that are not completed correctly, will be returned for further information or documentation. Because of claims that are inadequate are sent in, it has caused much debate about the best methods that can be used for evaluating compliance strategies in the medical coding field to keep billing process consistent and efficient. Methods of evaluating compliance strategies in medical coding may involve having a meeting with the doctors and the billing staff at the practice to ensure that they have all of the books needed as well as understand how to locate information inside of them. Most insurance companies dedicate a lot of time registering staff members up and performing meetings so that they can review the resources used by the billing staff. These meetings are also conducted to review and refresh their basic understanding of the billing codes and the steps in completion of the forms. "It has been noticed that one of the biggest complaints by insurance companies is that the doctor's reports are incomplete" (Dunbar, 2010). This makes it very difficult to adequately
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EvaluatingComplianceStrategiesHCR220 - Evaluating...

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