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Kyung Hee University Random Processing Department of Electronics and Radio Engineering Prof. Hyundong Shin Communications and Coding Theory Laboratory (CCTLAB) 0-1 C1002900 Random Processing: Introductory Lecture Reading: Course Information Sheet From a viewpoint of applications, the main reason to study the subject of this course is to help deal with the complexity of describing random and time-varying functions. A random variable can be interpreted as the result of a single measurement. The distribu- tion of a single random variable is fairly simple to describe. It is completely specified by the cumulative distribution function (CDF)  X F x a function of one variable. The joint distribution of several random variables is much more complex, which is in gen- eral described by a joint CDF , ,..., , ,..., n XX X n F xx x 12 and is much more complicated than n functions of one variable. A random process, e.g., a model of time-varying fad-
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This note was uploaded on 06/10/2010 for the course ELECTRONIC C1002900 taught by Professor Hyungdongshin during the Spring '10 term at Kyung Hee.

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[RP]Lecture Note 0 - Kyung Hee University Department of...

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