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Random Processing-Syllabus - Kyung Hee University...

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1 Kyung Hee University Department of Electronics and Radio Engineering C1002900: Random Processing Information Sheet Spring 2010 Instructor Hyundong Shin Office: Room 516, Collage of Electronics and Information Tel: 031) 201-3812 Email: hshin@khu.ac.kr Web: http://web.khu.ac.kr/~hshin Class schedule: Monday/Wednesday 3:00~4:15pm, Room 509 Office hours: Open-door policy Volunteer Assistant Thang Van Nguyen Youngmin Jeong Office: Room 410, Communications and Coding Theory Laboratory (CCTLAB) Tel: 031) 201-2650 General Information Welcome to C1002900! This fundamental course is concerned with the nature, formulation, and analysis of stochastic phenomena. It covers the fundamentals of the theory involving signal and system models in which there is some inherent randomness, which builds on an undergraduate-level course on probability theory such as “Probability and Random va- riables” or its equivalents. The emphasis is on graduate-level treatment of basic concepts of random (stochastic) processes in fairly rigorous depth with application examples for com- munications and signal processing systems engineering. Topics covered include: review of probability; random variables and transform techniques; sequences of random var
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Random Processing-Syllabus - Kyung Hee University...

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