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The key issue is whether Anita should steal from the company

The key issue is whether Anita should steal from the...

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Part A The key issue in the comic strip is whether Anita should steal from the company. I feel that Anita did suspend her judgment before taking a position. The reason for her decision was after learning the amount the company made per year compared to her salary, she said it was risky but she would think about it. I think that Anita used moral value judgment, because Tanya was her friend. Having the knowledge that her friend was stealing put Anita in a difficult position. Anita decided not to take part in the theft with Tanya, and took action by calling the Human Resource Department to
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Unformatted text preview: report the issue. By reporting the issue showed that Anita used a moral value judgment. Part B The issue I encountered when I was in high school, a friend work at a local department store. She had told me that she and a few of our friends were taking items from the store. This friend invited me to join them. I immediately refused; it was very much a moral value judgment because I did not have room in my life to do anything illegal. While growing up my parents instilled strong moral values which helped make the decision not to go along with my friend....
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